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Landing Up (2018)
Year, country:
Daniel Tenenbaum
Ben RappaportStacey MaltinE'dena Hines
1h 36m
"Landing Up" is a 2018 film that tells the story of Chrissie, a young woman who leaves her small town in Ohio and travels to New York City in search of a better life. Once in the city, Chrissie finds herself living on the streets and resorts to manipulating strangers to have a place to stay. However, her life takes a turn when she meets a guy who could be the man of her dreams. The film explores the challenges faced by young people in New York City, including finding stable employment, friends, love, and housing. It delves into themes of desperation and hiding one's true self. Despite some flaws, the film effectively conveys the atmosphere of living in New York City and the struggles that come with it, making it worth watching for its portrayal of homelessness and poverty.