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Anything (2017)
Year, country:
Timothy McNeil
John Carroll Lynch Matt Bomer Maura Tierney
1h 34m

"Anything" is a poignant and heartfelt drama film released in 2017, directed by Timothy McNeil. This independent production tells the story of a man named Early Landry, portrayed by John Carroll Lynch, who has recently suffered a devastating loss. Overwhelmed by grief and struggling to find his place in the world, Early decides to leave his rural Mississippi hometown and start a new life in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

Early's journey takes an unexpected turn when he encounters his neighbor Freda Riley, played by Academy Award-winning actress Maura Tierney. Freda is a transgender woman who is vibrant, confident, and unapologetically herself. The two develop an unlikely and deep friendship that challenges societal norms and transcends gender boundaries. Through their unique connection, the film explores themes of acceptance, love, and the possibility of finding happiness in unexpected places.

"Anything" is a moving exploration of the complexities of human relationships and identity, as it navigates the challenges of prejudice and intolerance that Early and Freda encounter in their quest for happiness and acceptance. The film also features a strong supporting cast, including Matt Bomer, who delivers a remarkable performance as Early's sister.

With its emotionally charged storyline, powerful performances, and a thought-provoking exploration of love and self-discovery, "Anything" offers a touching and inspiring narrative that encourages viewers to embrace the beauty of diversity and the importance of genuine connection. The film's message is one of hope, resilience, and the belief that love can transcend all boundaries.