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Robin and Marian (1976)
Year, country:
Richard Lester
Sean ConneryAudrey HepburnRobert Shaw
1h 46m
"Robin and Marian" is a 1976 British-American romantic adventure film directed by Richard Lester and written by James Goldman. The movie stars Sean Connery as Robin Hood and Audrey Hepburn as Lady Marian. Set in France after the Crusades, the film portrays an aging Robin Hood's return to England and his reunion with Marian, who has become an abbess. The plot revolves around Robin's conflict with the Sheriff of Nottingham and King John. Notably, the film is Hepburn's first role after an eight-year absence. It is the only theatrical film based on the Robin Hood legend that includes an old story about Robin's murder, portraying the act as an act of love, not betrayal. The movie runs for 1 hour and 52 minutes.