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Animal House (1978)
Year, country:
John Landis
John Belushi Karen Allen Tom Hulce
1h 49m

"Animal House" is a classic 1978 comedy film directed by John Landis. Set in 1962 at the fictional Faber College, the movie follows a misfit group of fraternity members of Delta Tau Chi, known for their wild and rebellious behavior. Led by the charismatic but unconventional Bluto Blutarsky (John Belushi), the Delta fraternity clashes with the more traditional, uptight members of the college administration.

The film humorously explores the outrageous antics and pranks of the Delta fraternity, including their conflicts with the snobbish Omega Theta Pi fraternity and the stern Dean Vernon Wormer. The story unfolds with a series of comedic and chaotic events, culminating in a chaotic and memorable toga party.

"Animal House" is celebrated for its irreverent humor, memorable characters, and its influence on the college comedy genre. John Belushi's performance as the party-loving Bluto became iconic, and the film's quotes and scenes have become cultural touchstones. It remains a quintessential and influential part of American comedy cinema, known for its raucous spirit and comedic exploration of college life and rebellion.

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