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Last Exit: Space (2022)
Year, country:
Rudolph Herzog
Werner HerzogElon MuskJeff Bezos
1h 20m
"Last Exit: Space" is a 2022 documentary film directed by Rudolph Herzog and narrated by his father, Werner Herzog. The film explores the topic of space colonization and features interviews with individuals involved in space-related projects, including a father and daughter preparing for DIY spaceflight and a scientist simulating Mars' surface in Israel. It delves into futuristic concepts such as genetic engineering for space adaptation and the potential societal implications of off-world colonization. The documentary has been critiqued for a late shift towards mysticism, which is considered a letdown from the earlier segments, but it provides a stimulating exploration of the subject. Additionally, the film humorously portrays the reality of life on Mars as sobering and impractical, providing a wry take on the potential horrors of space exploration.