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Pressure Point (1962)
Year, country:
Hubert Cornfield Stanley Kramer
Sidney Poitier Bobby Darin Peter Falk
1h 31m
"Pressure Point" is a 1962 drama film directed by Hubert Cornfield. The story unfolds within the confines of a prison where a young psychologist, played by Peter Falk, engages with an older, experienced African American inmate, portrayed by Sidney Poitier. As the psychologist attempts to understand the root causes of the inmate's anger and hostility, the film delves into the themes of racism, societal pressures, and the psychological toll of systemic injustice. "Pressure Point" explores the complexities of race relations in the 1960s, providing a thought-provoking examination of prejudice and the human psyche through intense dialogues and flashbacks.