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Spirit Halloween (2022)
Year, country:
David Poag
Donovan Colan Jaiden J. Smith Dylan Martin Frankel
1h 21m
Spirit Halloween is back with an exciting 2022 in-store experience, promising a thrilling adventure for visitors. The new experience takes place in the dark and mysterious castle laboratory of Dr. J Reaper, introducing terrifying characters like Possessed Pumpkin, Lord Raven, Grim, Shorty, Mr. Punchy, Bog Zombie, Barry, and Tombstone Terror. The event features the debut of a trailer for "Spirit Halloween: The Movie" and the opening of the store, marking the start of the Halloween season with activities, a ribbon cutting, and the unveiling of the 2022 collection. With over 1,425 locations across North America, Spirit Halloween remains the largest Halloween retailer, offering a wide range of Halloween-related products and exciting in-store experiences.