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Needlestick (2017)
Year, country:
Steven Karageanes
Lance Henriksen Harry Lennix Michael Traynor
1h 25m
"Needlestick" is a 2017 horror/mystery and thriller film with a runtime of 1 hour and 25 minutes. The story revolves around Dr. Crick, who is on the verge of discovering an enzyme that can potentially reverse the aging process. However, he encounters obstacles in obtaining the necessary fluid and dealing with his untrustworthy hospital boss, LeGro. Dr. Crick, along with his assistant and henchman, is determined to complete his experiment and eliminate any incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, intern Everett and others at the facility must band together to survive. The film has been criticized for its clunky script, inconsistent characterizations, confusing storytelling, bad acting, lackluster execution, and poor dialogue. Additionally, the CGI effects have been panned, with the film being described as little more than a soap opera with a nonsensical title. Despite notable actors, the performances and overall execution of the film are considered subpar, with the exception of a memorable scene involving an eye-piercing with a needle.