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Cottage to Let (1941)
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Penelope KeithTimothy WestNicky Henson
"Cottage to Let" is a 1941 British spy thriller film set during World War II in Scotland, where Nazi spies attempt to kidnap an inventor working on a bombsight for the Royal Air Force. The plot involves a series of misunderstandings and a spy ring, with the British counter-intelligence eventually foiling the kidnapping plot. The film was shot in London and includes the first appearance of actor George Cole. Key cast members include Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, and John Mills. The film also revolves around a military hospital located in a cottage, where Flight Lieutenant Perry is being treated. The storyline involves espionage and the kidnapping of an inventor working on a bombsight for the Royal Air Force by Nazi agents. The film features a remarkable debut by 16-year-old George Cole and includes notable British actors such as Alastair Sim and John Mills. The adaptation from a hit stage play and the direction are noted, with the film being described as a little dated but charming. The movie was directed by Anthony Asquith.