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Beneath the Blue (2010)
Year, country:
Michael D. Sellers
Caitlin Wachs Samantha Jade George Harris
1h 32m

"Beneath the Blue" is a 2010 family drama film directed by Michael D. Sellers. The movie, set against the backdrop of the Bahamas, combines elements of family drama, romance, and environmental awareness. Here's a brief description:

The story follows a marine biologist, Dr. Owens (played by Samantha Jade Logan), and her daughter Alyssa (played by Caitlin Wachs), who become involved in a research project focused on studying and protecting dolphins. The film emphasizes the importance of marine conservation and explores the connection between humans and dolphins.

As the research progresses, Alyssa becomes captivated by a particular dolphin named Echo. However, the dolphins face various threats, including illegal fishing and environmental hazards. The plot takes a dramatic turn when a team of Navy SEALs, led by Craig Morrison (played by David Keith), becomes involved in the mission, raising questions about the true nature of their activities in the area.

"Beneath the Blue" addresses themes such as environmental conservation, the bond between humans and marine life, and the impact of human activities on the ocean ecosystem. The film also touches on the relationship between Alyssa and Craig's son, whose connection becomes a focal point as the story unfolds.

While "Beneath the Blue" may not have received widespread critical acclaim, it aims to deliver a family-friendly narrative with an environmental message. The film features underwater cinematography, showcasing the beauty of marine life and the vibrant colors of the ocean.

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