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Mad Dog Coll (1961)
Year, country:
Burt Balaban
John Davis Chandler Kay Doubleday Brooke Hayward
1h 28m

"Mad Dog Coll" is a 1961 crime drama film directed by Burt Balaban. The movie is a biographical account of the notorious Irish-American gangster Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll, who was active during the Prohibition era in New York City. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The film depicts the rise and fall of Vincent Coll, played by John Davis Chandler, who becomes a prominent figure in organized crime during the 1920s. Coll's criminal activities involve him in various aspects of the underworld, from bootlegging to labor racketeering. As his influence and notoriety grow, he becomes a target for law enforcement and rival gangsters.

The narrative explores Coll's relationships with fellow gang members, his conflicts with other criminal factions, and the challenges he faces in maintaining control over his criminal empire. It also delves into Coll's personal life, including his romance with a nightclub singer.

Style:"Mad Dog Coll" is a low-budget film that reflects the style and sensibilities of crime dramas from the early 1960s. It draws inspiration from the real-life events surrounding Vincent Coll's criminal career but may take creative liberties for dramatic effect.

Reception:While "Mad Dog Coll" may not be as well-known as some other gangster films of its time, it has historical significance as one of the early cinematic portrayals of the notorious Prohibition-era gangster. The film offers a glimpse into the criminal underworld of that period.

If you're a fan of classic crime dramas and are interested in stories inspired by real-life gangsters, "Mad Dog Coll" might be worth exploring. Keep in mind that the film's style and production values reflect the era in which it was made. You can check for its availability on classic movie platforms or through home entertainment services.