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First One In (2020)
Year, country:
Gina O'Brien
Kat Foster Georgia KingAlana O'Brien
1h 37m

First One In" is a 2020 comedy film directed by Gina O'Brien. The movie blends elements of sports, comedy, and drama. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story follows Madi Cooke, played by Kat Foster, a former tennis pro who, after a scandalous incident, finds herself in need of a fresh start. In an attempt to revitalize her career and reputation, Madi decides to enter a corporate tennis tournament. To do so, she pretends to be Jewish to join a team of Jewish players and secure a spot in the tournament.

As Madi immerses herself in the world of competitive tennis and the dynamics of her new team, she learns more about herself and the importance of authenticity. The film explores themes of identity, second chances, and the bonds that can be formed through shared experiences.

Genre and Style:"First One In" is a sports comedy with a focus on tennis, but it also incorporates elements of drama and character-driven storytelling. The film uses humor to address themes of self-discovery and the challenges of starting anew.

Cast:In addition to Kat Foster, the film features a cast that includes Georgia King, Alana O'Brien, Karan Soni, and others. The ensemble cast contributes to the comedic and dramatic aspects of the story.

Reception:As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, "First One In" received a limited release and reviews were generally mixed. The film was praised for its humor and certain performances, but some critics found the narrative to be uneven.

If you enjoy sports comedies with a mix of humor and character development, "First One In" might be worth checking out. Keep in mind that individual preferences for comedy can vary, so it's advisable to read reviews or watch a trailer to see if the film aligns with your comedic tastes.