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The Winter Warrior (2003)
Year, country:
Robbie Moffat
James Watson Victoria Pritchard Jon-Paul Gates
1h 28m
"The Winter Warrior" (2003) is a historical drama set in 573 AD, depicting the end of the civil war in Post-Roman Britain at the battle of Arthuet. The story follows Fingal, a Celtic mercenary, who returns home to his Roman wife Lillian. After rescuing a slave named Jessica from Angle captors, Lillian is captured and killed by the Angles, igniting Fingal's quest for revenge. Fingal makes a pact with the Picts to defeat the Angles, and with Jessica's assistance, he seeks vengeance by tracking and eliminating the Angles one by one. Ultimately, he confronts the last Angle and is reunited with Jessica, taking her home as his wife and a mother to his daughter.