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Favorites Race with the Devil (1975)

Race with the Devil (1975)
Year, country:
Jack Starrett
Peter Fonda Warren Oates Loretta Swit
1h 28m

"Race with the Devil" is a 1975 action horror film directed by Jack Starrett. The movie falls into the exploitation film genre and combines elements of horror, thriller, and road movie. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story revolves around two couples, Roger (Peter Fonda) and Kelly (Susan George), and Frank (Warren Oates) and Alice (Loretta Swit), who set out on a cross-country RV trip. During their journey, they witness what appears to be a Satanic ritual and a human sacrifice in the remote Texas countryside. Realizing they are in danger, the couples become the target of a group of Satanists who pursue them to silence any potential witnesses.

As the couples attempt to escape the relentless pursuit of the cult, they find themselves in a series of harrowing and suspenseful situations. The road trip becomes a race for survival as they try to outrun the sinister forces determined to stop them.

Themes:"Race with the Devil" explores themes of paranoia, the unknown dangers lurking in seemingly peaceful places, and the vulnerability of individuals caught up in a nightmarish situation. The film taps into the fear of the occult and the threat of unseen malevolent forces.

Action and Horror Elements:The movie blends action sequences with horror elements, creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere. As the couples encounter various obstacles on the road, they also face the supernatural threats posed by the pursuing cult.

Cult and Conspiracy:The film plays on the fear of hidden cults and conspiracies, a common theme in horror and thriller genres during the 1970s.

Reception:"Race with the Devil" received positive reviews for its effective combination of action and horror, as well as the chemistry between the lead actors. The film has since gained a cult following, particularly among fans of exploitation cinema.

If you enjoy action-horror films with a road trip setting and a blend of supernatural and thriller elements, "Race with the Devil" may be an intriguing watch. Keep in mind that the film reflects the exploitation film style of its era, with a focus on suspense, thrills, and sensationalized themes.