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+1 (2013)
Year, country:
Dennis Iliadis
Rhys Wakefield Logan Miller Ashley Hinshaw
1h 36m

" +1" (2013) is a mind-bending science fiction thriller directed by Dennis Iliadis. The film explores the consequences of a mysterious phenomenon that disrupts reality during a college party, leading to a surreal and unsettling narrative that blurs the lines between identity, time, and perception.

The story unfolds at a massive, extravagant college party where David (Rhys Wakefield) attends with his girlfriend Jill (Ashley Hinshaw). As the night progresses, a bizarre incident occurs: a mysterious blue light envelops the area, creating a temporal anomaly that duplicates everyone at the party. Each person now coexists with their doppelgänger from a few moments in the past, creating a surreal and disorienting environment.

The film delves into the psychological and existential implications of encountering one's own double. Themes of identity, desire, and the consequences of choices come to the forefront as characters grapple with the surreal situation. The narrative cleverly weaves together multiple perspectives, creating a complex and engaging exploration of the human psyche.

David, the central character, becomes the audience's guide through this twisted reality. As he navigates the party and encounters different versions of people he knows, the film raises questions about the nature of self, the impact of choices, and the fragility of human connections.

The visual style of " +1" is both striking and disconcerting, enhancing the film's otherworldly atmosphere. The use of split screens and inventive cinematography contributes to the sense of unease, emphasizing the fractured nature of reality within the story.

The film's mysterious and unpredictable nature keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, as they, along with the characters, attempt to unravel the complexities of the temporal anomaly. " +1" challenges traditional narrative structures and plays with the concept of cause and effect, creating an immersive experience for those who enjoy science fiction with a psychological twist.

While " +1" might not have gained widespread mainstream recognition, it has found appreciation among audiences who appreciate unconventional storytelling and thought-provoking narratives. The film's unique premise and execution make it a noteworthy entry in the realm of mind-bending science fiction cinema.

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