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Exists (2014)
Year, country:
Eduardo Sánchez
Samuel Davis Dora Madison Roger Edwards
1h 21m

"Exists" is a 2014 found footage horror film directed by Eduardo Sánchez. It follows the traditional Bigfoot or Sasquatch mythology and is presented in a found footage style. Here's a brief description:

Plot:A group of friends embarks on a camping trip in the woods near a remote cabin. As they document their journey with cameras, they quickly discover that they are not alone. The dense forest becomes the hunting ground for a mysterious and massive creature, later revealed to be a Bigfoot. The friends find themselves in a fight for survival as they try to evade the creature and capture evidence of its existence.

Found Footage Style:"Exists" is presented in the found footage style, where the characters themselves are recording the events. The use of shaky camera work and first-person perspectives adds a sense of immediacy and realism to the horror.

Bigfoot Horror:The film draws on the legend of Bigfoot, a mythical ape-like creature said to inhabit remote forests. In "Exists," Bigfoot is portrayed as a powerful and elusive force that terrorizes the group of friends.

Suspense and Thrills:As the characters realize the danger they're facing, the film builds tension through suspenseful sequences, night-time chases, and the relentless pursuit of the creature. The remote and eerie forest setting enhances the overall sense of isolation and dread.

Character Dynamics:The interpersonal dynamics within the group contribute to the narrative. The characters must navigate their relationships and fears while dealing with the immediate threat of the creature.

Eduardo Sánchez's Direction:Eduardo Sánchez, co-director of the influential found footage film "The Blair Witch Project," brings his expertise in the genre to "Exists." His style emphasizes a raw and realistic approach to horror, relying on tension and atmosphere.

Critical Reception:"Exists" received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its effective use of the found footage format and suspenseful moments, others felt that it adhered closely to genre conventions. Audience reactions also varied, with some appreciating the film's intensity and others critiquing certain aspects of the plot.

If you enjoy found footage horror films and are intrigued by the Bigfoot mythology, "Exists" might provide a thrilling and chilling experience. Keep in mind that the found footage style can be intense, and the film is designed to evoke a sense of fear and uncertainty.