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21 Hours at Munich (1976)
Year, country:
William A. Graham
William Holden Shirley Knight Franco Nero
1h 41m

"21 Hours at Munich" is a 1976 American television film directed by William A. Graham. The movie is a historical drama based on the events surrounding the terrorist attack at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The film focuses on the tragic events that unfolded during the 1972 Munich Olympics when a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September took Israeli athletes hostage in the Olympic Village. The terrorists demanded the release of prisoners held in Israel, threatening to harm the hostages if their demands were not met.

"21 Hours at Munich" chronicles the tense negotiation process between the German authorities, led by Chief of Police Manfred Schreiber (played by William Holden), and the terrorists. The title refers to the duration of the hostage crisis. The film depicts the challenges faced by the negotiators, the emotional toll on the hostages, and the difficult decisions that had to be made.

Real-Life Events:The movie is based on the actual events that occurred during the Munich massacre, which resulted in the tragic deaths of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. The attack brought global attention to issues of terrorism and security at major international events.

William Holden's Performance:William Holden delivers a notable performance as Chief Manfred Schreiber, portraying the challenges and emotional strain faced by the German authorities during the hostage crisis.

Tense Atmosphere:"21 Hours at Munich" creates a tense and suspenseful atmosphere as it unfolds the events in real-time, capturing the urgency and gravity of the situation. The film builds suspense as the negotiators work against the clock to try to secure the hostages' release.

Human Drama:Beyond the political and security aspects, the film also explores the human drama and the emotional toll on both the hostages and the negotiators. It delves into the psychological impact of such a crisis on individuals involved.

Critical Reception:The film received positive reviews for its dramatic portrayal of the Munich hostage crisis and the performances of the cast. It was praised for its realistic and gripping depiction of a historical event that shocked the world.

"21 Hours at Munich" is a compelling and intense dramatization of a tragic chapter in Olympic history. It offers a nuanced portrayal of the challenges faced by law enforcement during a high-stakes hostage situation and the broader implications of terrorism on the international stage.