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The Evictors (1979)
Year, country:
Charles B. Pierce
Vic Morrow Michael Parks Jessica Harper
1h 32m

"The Evictors" (1979), directed by Charles B. Pierce, is a psychological thriller that unfolds against the backdrop of a small Louisiana town during the 1940s. Infused with elements of horror and suspense, the film explores the sinister undercurrents that surface when a newlywed couple moves into an old, seemingly idyllic home.

The story centers on Ben and Ruth Watkins, portrayed by Michael Parks and Jessica Harper, a young couple who relocate to a quiet Southern town for a fresh start. They purchase a charming, if somewhat eerie, Victorian house that comes with a dark history. As they settle into their new life, strange and unsettling events begin to transpire.

The couple becomes increasingly aware of a series of evictions and mysterious occurrences that have plagued the town for decades. As the Watkins delve deeper into the history of their home and the sinister past of the community, they find themselves ensnared in a web of secrets, conspiracies, and violence.

"The Evictors" is marked by an atmospheric and haunting tone, enhanced by Pierce's skillful direction and the film's evocative cinematography. The Louisiana setting contributes to the overall sense of unease, with the town itself becoming a character in the narrative, concealing dark secrets beneath its seemingly tranquil exterior.

Jessica Harper delivers a compelling performance as Ruth, capturing the character's growing sense of unease and vulnerability. The film's supporting cast, including Michael Parks and Vic Morrow, adds depth to the ensemble, portraying townsfolk with their own hidden agendas.

The narrative unfolds as a slow-burning thriller, gradually revealing the layers of mystery surrounding the town and the Watkins' home. It explores themes of paranoia, suspicion, and the unsettling realization that danger may lurk closer than one thinks. The film plays with the psychological horror of not knowing whom to trust in a seemingly picturesque environment.

"The Evictors" pays homage to classic horror tropes while injecting its own unique Southern Gothic flavor. It engages the audience with a sense of foreboding and a gradual build-up of tension, leading to a chilling climax that unravels the truth behind the town's dark history.

While not as widely known as some horror classics of its time, "The Evictors" has found appreciation among fans of atmospheric and psychological thrillers. It stands as a testament to the director's ability to create an unsettling atmosphere and deliver a story that combines elements of mystery, horror, and psychological suspense.