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American Gigolo (1980)
Year, country:
Paul Schrader
Richard Gere Lauren Hutton Hector Elizondo
2h 4m

"American Gigolo" (1980), directed by Paul Schrader and starring Richard Gere, is a stylish and provocative drama that explores the life of a high-end male escort in the decadent world of Los Angeles. The film not only delves into the psychology of its enigmatic protagonist but also serves as a commentary on the superficiality of societal values and the consequences of a life lived on the edge.

The story follows Julian Kaye (Richard Gere), a charismatic and impeccably groomed young man who provides companionship to wealthy women as a gigolo. Julian's carefully curated lifestyle takes a dark turn when one of his clients is found brutally murdered, and he becomes the prime suspect. As he navigates the criminal investigation led by Detective Sunday (Hector Elizondo), Julian must also grapple with his own existential crisis and the realization that his carefully constructed facade may be unraveling.

"American Gigolo" is notable for its exploration of themes such as identity, self-worth, and the blurred lines between intimacy and commerce. Julian's character is portrayed with a mix of charm and vulnerability by Gere, whose performance contributes to the film's enigmatic atmosphere. Gere's portrayal of Julian as a man caught between desire and detachment adds depth to the character, making him both alluring and haunted.

The film's visual style, under the direction of Paul Schrader, is a highlight. Cinematographer John Bailey captures the glossy, sun-soaked aesthetics of 1980s Los Angeles, creating a visually arresting backdrop for the narrative. The film's costume design, featuring sleek and fashionable outfits, further emphasizes the allure and sophistication of Julian's world.

The soundtrack, featuring the iconic song "Call Me" by Blondie, adds to the film's cultural impact and helps establish its distinct atmosphere. The music, combined with the visual and narrative elements, contributes to the overall sense of decadence and allure that defines the world inhabited by Julian.

"American Gigolo" is not only a character study but also a social commentary on the shallow values of the upper echelons of society. The film challenges traditional notions of masculinity and sexuality, exploring the complexities of human connection in a world where appearances often mask deeper vulnerabilities.

Despite initial controversy and mixed critical reception, "American Gigolo" has gained a cult following over the years, appreciated for its stylish aesthetics, thematic depth, and Richard Gere's compelling performance. It remains a significant entry in the neo-noir genre, offering audiences a thought-provoking and visually captivating exploration of the intersection between desire, identity, and societal expectations.