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Day of the Warrior (1996)
Year, country:
Andy Sidaris
Kevin Light Cristian Letelier Julie Strain
1h 36m

"Day of the Warrior" is a 1996 action film that plunges audiences into a realm of martial arts, espionage, and high-stakes adventure. This cult classic seamlessly weaves together a narrative set against the backdrop of an international crime syndicate, following a team of skilled agents determined to dismantle a powerful criminal organization. The film promises intense martial arts choreography, espionage-laden plot twists, and characters whose allegiances are constantly tested. With its 1990s aesthetic, memorable quotes, and a dedicated cult following, "Day of the Warrior" is a nostalgic journey into the action films of its era, offering a unique blend of excitement and entertainment for fans of martial arts and espionage thrillers alike.