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Favorites Constantine City of Demons: The Movie (2018)

Constantine City of Demons: The Movie (2018)
Year, country:
Doug Murphy
Matt Ryan Laura Bailey Robin Atkin Downes
1h 30m

"Constantine: City of Demons – The Movie" is a 2018 animated supernatural horror film based on the DC Comics character John Constantine. It serves as an extension of the animated web series "Constantine: City of Demons." Here's a brief description:

Plot:The film follows the character John Constantine (voiced by Matt Ryan), a demon hunter and occult detective, as he becomes entangled in a dark and dangerous supernatural mystery. When Constantine's friend's daughter, Chas Chandler (voiced by Damian O'Hare), falls into a coma, he discovers that her soul has been ensnared by a malevolent demon.

To save Chas's daughter and unravel the mystery behind her predicament, Constantine delves deep into the dark and dangerous realms of the occult. Along the way, he confronts demons, supernatural entities, and his own haunted past. The narrative weaves together elements of horror, magic, and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Dark Themes and Horror Elements:"Constantine: City of Demons" embraces dark themes and horror elements characteristic of the Constantine comic book series. The film explores the demonic and supernatural aspects of the DC Universe, creating a chilling atmosphere.

Constantine's Character:The film delves into the complexities of John Constantine's character, portraying him as a cynical, streetwise, and morally ambiguous occultist. Constantine's wit, resourcefulness, and willingness to confront the darkest corners of the supernatural world define his character.

Supporting Characters:The narrative introduces supporting characters, including Chas Chandler, who plays a significant role in the story. The relationships between Constantine and these characters add depth to the film's emotional resonance.

Animation Style:"Constantine: City of Demons" features an animated style that complements the dark and gritty tone of the story. The visuals bring to life the supernatural elements, showcasing demonic entities and magical battles.

Connection to DC Universe:As part of the larger DC Universe, the film connects to other characters and supernatural elements within the DC Comics mythology. Constantine's interactions with demons and mystical entities tie into the broader tapestry of the DC Universe.

Critical Reception:The film received generally positive reviews from both fans and critics. It was praised for its faithfulness to the source material, the voice acting performances, and its effective blend of horror and supernatural elements.

If you are a fan of dark, supernatural stories and enjoy the character of John Constantine in the DC Universe, "Constantine: City of Demons – The Movie" provides an animated exploration of the occult with the unique flair that defines the character.