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Peppermint (2018)
Year, country:
Pierre Morel
Jennifer Garner John Gallagher Jr.John Ortiz
1h 41m

"Peppermint" is a 2018 action thriller film directed by Pierre Morel. The movie features Jennifer Garner in the lead role and follows a storyline of revenge and justice. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The film centers around Riley North (played by Jennifer Garner), a woman whose life is shattered when her husband and young daughter are killed in a drive-by shooting on the day of her daughter's birthday. When the justice system fails to bring the perpetrators to account due to corruption, Riley decides to take matters into her own hands.

After disappearing for several years, Riley returns as a highly trained vigilante with the singular goal of avenging her family. Adopting the alias "Peppermint," she targets those responsible for the murders and the corrupt system that protected them. As she dispenses her own form of justice, Riley becomes a formidable force, catching the attention of both law enforcement and the criminal underworld.


  • Vigilante Justice: "Peppermint" explores the theme of vigilantism as Riley seeks retribution for the injustices suffered by her family.
  • Corruption: The film touches upon the corruption within the justice system that fails to deliver justice for Riley's family, motivating her to take matters into her own hands.
  • Survival and Training: A significant portion of the film showcases Riley's journey from a grieving mother to a highly skilled and deadly fighter as she undergoes intensive training to prepare for her mission of revenge.

Jennifer Garner's Performance:Jennifer Garner's portrayal of Riley North is a central focus of the film. Her performance is marked by a transformation from a grieving and vulnerable woman to a determined and powerful force seeking justice.

Action Sequences:"Peppermint" is known for its intense and well-choreographed action sequences. The film includes various confrontations, shootouts, and hand-to-hand combat scenes as Riley confronts those she believes are responsible for her family's tragedy.

Critical Reception:Critical reception for "Peppermint" was generally negative, with criticism directed at its formulaic plot and perceived lack of originality. However, Jennifer Garner's performance and the action sequences were praised, and the film has found some appreciation among fans of the action genre.

Box Office:While "Peppermint" didn't receive overwhelming critical acclaim, it had a moderate performance at the box office.

If you enjoy action films with a revenge-driven plot and a strong female lead, "Peppermint" may offer an engaging and adrenaline-fueled viewing experience.