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About Adam (2000)
Year, country:
Gerard Stembridge
Stuart Townsend Kate Hudson Tommy Tiernan
1h 37m

"About Adam" is a romantic comedy film released in 2000 and directed by Gerard Stembridge. The film explores the impact of a charismatic and enigmatic man named Adam on the lives of three sisters and their relationships. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story revolves around Adam (played by Stuart Townsend), a charming and seductive young man who arrives in Dublin. He catches the attention of the three Collins sisters—Lucy (played by Kate Hudson), Laura (played by Frances O'Connor), and Alice (played by Charlotte Bradley). Each sister becomes enamored with Adam in different ways.

As Adam weaves his way into the lives of the sisters, he becomes intimately involved with each of them, leaving a trail of romantic and emotional complications. The film explores the impact of Adam's presence on the sisters' relationships and the challenges they face in dealing with their feelings for him.


  • Charisma and Seduction: The film delves into the character of Adam, a charming and mysterious individual whose presence captivates the three sisters.
  • Romantic Entanglements: "About Adam" explores the complexities and dynamics of romantic relationships, especially as the sisters navigate their feelings for the same man.


  • Stuart Townsend: He plays the titular character, Adam, whose charisma and allure create romantic entanglements with the three sisters.
  • Kate Hudson: She portrays Lucy Collins, one of the sisters who becomes romantically involved with Adam.
  • Frances O'Connor: She plays Laura Collins, another sister who falls under Adam's spell.
  • Charlotte Bradley: She portrays Alice Collins, the third sister in Adam's romantic orbit.

Critical Reception:"About Adam" received mixed reviews from critics. While some appreciated the film's humor and performances, others criticized its predictable plot and reliance on romantic comedy conventions. Stuart Townsend's performance as the charismatic Adam received praise.

Note: The film is known for its unique storytelling structure, presenting the narrative from the perspectives of each sister, offering different viewpoints on the events involving Adam.

If you enjoy romantic comedies with elements of charm, humor, and romantic entanglements, "About Adam" might be worth a watch, especially for its exploration of how one person's presence can impact multiple relationships.