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Bank Robber (1993)
Year, country:
Nick Mead
Patrick Dempsey Lisa Bonet Judge Reinhold
1h 31m

"Bank Robber" is a 1993 crime-comedy film directed by Nick Mead. The movie combines elements of crime, romance, and dark humor. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story follows Billy (played by Patrick Dempsey), a charming and audacious young man who decides to become a bank robber. He carries out a series of heists, earning him the nickname "The Gentleman Bandit." Despite being a criminal, Billy maintains a likable and affable demeanor, often befriending the bank employees during his heists.

Along the way, Billy encounters a lonely and neglected housewife named Selina (played by Lisa Bonet). The two form an unlikely romantic connection, and Selina becomes fascinated by Billy's criminal exploits. As their relationship develops, Selina finds herself drawn into Billy's world of crime.


  • Crime and Romance: The film explores the unconventional romance between a charming bank robber and a lonely housewife, blurring the lines between criminality and personal relationships.
  • Dark Humor: "Bank Robber" incorporates dark humor into its narrative, finding comedic moments within the context of criminal activities.


  • Patrick Dempsey: He plays Billy, the charismatic bank robber.
  • Lisa Bonet: She portrays Selina, a housewife who becomes romantically involved with Billy.

Critical Reception:"Bank Robber" received mixed reviews from critics. While some appreciated the film's unique blend of crime and comedy, others found the narrative uneven. Patrick Dempsey's performance and the film's dark humor were highlighted as positive aspects.

Note: The film's tone is notably quirky, with a mix of crime caper and romantic comedy elements.

If you enjoy films that play with genre conventions and explore unconventional relationships with a touch of dark humor, "Bank Robber" might offer an interesting and offbeat viewing experience.