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Gangs of New York (2002)
Year, country:
Martin Scorsese
Leonardo Di Caprio Cameron Diaz Daniel Day-Lewis
2h 47m

"Gangs of New York" is a 2002 epic crime film directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie is set in the mid-19th century in the Five Points district of New York City and explores themes of immigration, crime, and social upheaval. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story begins in 1846 with the murder of Priest Vallon (played by Liam Neeson), the leader of the Irish gang known as the Dead Rabbits, at the hands of Bill the Butcher (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) and his Nativist gang. Vallon's young son, Amsterdam (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), witnesses the killing and is sent to an orphanage.

As Amsterdam grows older, he returns to the Five Points seeking revenge against Bill the Butcher. However, he becomes entangled in the complex web of political corruption, ethnic tensions, and gang warfare that defines the era. The film captures the struggles of various immigrant groups, including the Irish, in a rapidly changing and tumultuous city.


  • Immigration and Identity: The film explores the experiences of immigrants in mid-19th century New York, highlighting the challenges they faced in establishing themselves and the tensions with established American citizens.
  • Gang Warfare: "Gangs of New York" depicts the brutal gang conflicts that characterized the era, with a focus on the power struggles between different ethnic groups.
  • Political Corruption: The narrative delves into the political corruption that influenced life in the Five Points, showcasing the alliances between gangs and politicians.


  • Leonardo DiCaprio: He plays Amsterdam Vallon, the protagonist seeking revenge for his father's death.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis: He portrays Bill the Butcher, a charismatic and ruthless Nativist gang leader.
  • Cameron Diaz: She plays Jenny Everdeane, a pickpocket and love interest to Amsterdam.

Critical Reception:"Gangs of New York" received critical acclaim for its ambitious storytelling, powerful performances, and detailed depiction of historical New York City. Daniel Day-Lewis's portrayal of Bill the Butcher was particularly praised, earning him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Academy Awards:The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won two Oscars for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography.

If you appreciate epic historical dramas with intricate storytelling, strong performances, and a vivid portrayal of a bygone era, "Gangs of New York" is a compelling cinematic experience.