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Sorceress (1982)
Year, country:
Jack Hill
Leigh Harris Lynette Harris Roberto Nelson
1h 23m

"Sorceress" is a 1982 fantasy film directed by Jack Hill. The movie is known for its mix of sword and sorcery elements, adventure, and supernatural themes. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story follows twin sisters, Mira and Mara, who are separated at birth. Mira (played by Lynette Harris) is raised by a tribe of peaceful warriors, while Mara (played by Leigh Harris) is taken in by a wicked sorceress named Szorlok. The sisters possess magical powers, and their destinies become entwined in a battle between good and evil.

As Mara is manipulated by Szorlok to serve dark purposes, Mira embraces her warrior heritage. The film unfolds as the sisters' paths eventually converge, leading to a confrontation between the forces of light and darkness.


  • Good vs. Evil: The central theme revolves around the classic struggle between good and evil as the twin sisters find themselves on opposing sides of a magical conflict.
  • Magic and Sorcery: "Sorceress" explores the use of magic and supernatural abilities, with the sisters possessing mystical powers that play a crucial role in the narrative.
  • Adventure and Swordplay: The film incorporates elements of adventure and swordplay, with the characters engaged in battles and quests.


  • Leigh Harris: She plays Mara, one of the twin sisters who falls under the influence of the sorceress Szorlok.
  • Lynette Harris: She portrays Mira, the other twin raised by a tribe of warriors who becomes a force for good.
  • Bob Nelson: He plays the character of Erlick, a warrior who aids Mira in her quest.

Critical Reception:"Sorceress" is considered a cult classic in the fantasy genre. While it may not have received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, the film has gained a following over the years for its blend of fantasy elements, action sequences, and the charismatic performances of the lead actresses.

Note: The film is also known for its exploitation elements, including scenes of nudity and violence, which are characteristic of some fantasy films of the early 1980s.

If you enjoy fantasy films with a mix of magic, adventure, and swordplay, "Sorceress" may appeal to fans of the genre, particularly those interested in cult classics from the early 1980s.