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Favorites Hotel Splendide (2000)

Hotel Splendide (2000)
Year, country:
Terence Gross
Toni Collette Daniel Craig Katrin Cartlidge
1h 38m

"Hotel Splendide" is a 2000 British comedy-drama film directed by Terence Gross. The movie is known for its quirky and darkly comedic take on the hotel industry. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story is set in a dilapidated hotel on a remote island called the Hotel Splendide. The hotel is run by the dysfunctional Blanche family, headed by the domineering and eccentric Mme. Blanche (played by Toni Collette). The hotel caters to a clientele seeking therapeutic benefits through a strict dietary regime.

When a health inspector named Kath (played by Katrin Cartlidge) arrives to evaluate the hotel, she discovers the bizarre practices and unusual dynamics within the establishment. As Kath digs deeper into the hotel's secrets, she uncovers the complex relationships among the staff and the strange methods used to maintain the hotel's unique atmosphere.


  • Dark Comedy: "Hotel Splendide" combines dark humor with a satirical exploration of the hotel industry, presenting a unique and unconventional story.
  • Family Dysfunction: The film explores the dysfunctional dynamics within the Blanche family, whose members each have their peculiarities and struggles.
  • Isolation: The remote island setting and the peculiar practices of the hotel contribute to a sense of isolation and eccentricity.


  • Toni Collette: She plays Mme. Blanche, the matriarch of the Blanche family and the manager of the Hotel Splendide.
  • Katrin Cartlidge: She portrays Kath, the health inspector who becomes entangled in the hotel's strange world.
  • Daniel Craig, Stephen Tompkinson, and others: The film features a cast of characters played by various actors, each contributing to the eccentric atmosphere of the story.

Critical Reception:"Hotel Splendide" received mixed reviews from critics. While some appreciated its dark humor and unconventional narrative, others found the film's quirky style and pacing to be challenging. Toni Collette's performance was generally praised for capturing the eccentricity of her character.

Note: The film's peculiar atmosphere and dark humor contribute to its status as a cult film, appealing to audiences who appreciate unconventional storytelling.

If you enjoy dark comedies with eccentric characters and a satirical take on unique settings, "Hotel Splendide" might be an intriguing choice for those looking for something offbeat and unconventional.