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Seed (2006)
Year, country:
Uwe Boll
Michael Paré Will Sanderson Ralf Moeller
1h 30m

"Seed" is a 2006 Canadian horror film directed by Uwe Boll. The movie is known for its extreme and graphic content, targeting the horror genre. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The story follows Max Seed (played by Will Sanderson), a notorious serial killer sentenced to death for his heinous crimes. As part of his execution, Seed is buried alive. However, against all odds, Seed survives the execution and returns with a thirst for revenge.

Re-emerging from the grave, Seed embarks on a brutal and sadistic killing spree, targeting those who were involved in his arrest, trial, and execution. His methods are particularly gruesome, involving various forms of torture and violence. As Seed continues his rampage, law enforcement and those who were connected to his case are forced to confront the nightmare they thought they had buried.


  • Revenge: The film revolves around the theme of revenge as the resurrected serial killer seeks vengeance against those who played a role in his execution.
  • Extreme Horror: "Seed" is known for its extreme and graphic depiction of violence, pushing the boundaries of horror content.


  • Will Sanderson: He plays Max Seed, the brutal and vengeful serial killer.
  • Ralf Moeller: He portrays Detective Matt Bishop, one of the characters involved in the initial arrest of Seed.

Critical Reception:"Seed" received overwhelmingly negative reviews from both critics and audiences. The film was criticized for its gratuitous violence, lack of coherent storytelling, and overall poor production quality. Uwe Boll's direction and the extreme nature of the content were particularly panned.

Note: "Seed" gained attention for being one of the films directed by Uwe Boll, who has been known for creating controversial and often critically panned movies.

If you have a strong stomach for extreme horror content and are interested in films that push the boundaries of graphic violence, "Seed" may appeal to those who seek intense and visceral cinematic experiences. However, it's important to note that the film's extreme nature has contributed to its divisive reception.