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Class (1983)
Year, country:
Lewis John Carlino
Jacqueline Bisset Rob Lowe Andrew McCarthy
1h 38m

"Class" is a 1983 romantic drama film directed by Lewis John Carlino. The movie explores themes of love, class differences, and the complexities of relationships. Here's a brief description:

Plot:Jonathan Ogner (played by Andrew McCarthy) is a scholarship student at a prestigious preparatory school who befriends his wealthy and charismatic roommate, Skip (played by Rob Lowe). The two form an unlikely friendship despite their differing backgrounds. As Jonathan becomes enamored with Skip's lavish lifestyle, he is introduced to the world of privilege and excess.

Complications arise when Jonathan falls for Ellen (played by Jacqueline Bisset), Skip's beautiful and sophisticated mother. Unaware of the connection, Ellen reciprocates Jonathan's feelings, leading to a romantic entanglement that threatens to unravel the delicate balance between friendship, love, and social status.

The film explores the challenges of navigating societal expectations, moral dilemmas, and the consequences of crossing boundaries in relationships. As secrets unfold, the characters are forced to confront their desires and the impact of their actions on their lives and the lives of those around them.


  • Class Divide: "Class" delves into the theme of class differences, highlighting the challenges and tensions that arise when individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds form connections.
  • Forbidden Love: The film explores the complexities and consequences of a forbidden romance, especially when it involves a student and a mother.
  • Coming of Age: Jonathan's journey at the prep school becomes a coming-of-age tale as he navigates the complexities of adult relationships and societal expectations.


  • Andrew McCarthy: He plays Jonathan, the scholarship student.
  • Rob Lowe: He portrays Skip, Jonathan's wealthy roommate.
  • Jacqueline Bisset: She plays Ellen, Skip's mother and the object of Jonathan's affection.
  • Cliff Robertson and John Cusack: The film features supporting roles by Cliff Robertson and John Cusack.

Critical Reception:"Class" received mixed reviews from critics. While some appreciated the film's exploration of social dynamics and the performances of the cast, others found fault with certain plot elements. Despite the mixed reviews, the film has gained a nostalgic following over the years.

Note: "Class" is remembered for its portrayal of forbidden romance and the challenges of navigating social hierarchies. The film captures the spirit of the early 1980s and the coming-of-age themes prevalent in many teen dramas of that era.

If you're interested in romantic dramas that explore societal dynamics and forbidden relationships, "Class" provides a snapshot of the complexities faced by its characters.

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