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Zardoz (1974)
Year, country:
John Boorman
Sean Connery Charlotte Rampling Sara Kestelman
1h 45m

"Zardoz" is a 1974 science fiction fantasy film directed by John Boorman. The movie is known for its surreal and unconventional narrative, exploring themes of society, immortality, and the consequences of extreme ideologies. Here's a brief description:

Plot:The film is set in a distant future where Earth's population is divided into two distinct groups: the Eternals and the Brutals. The Eternals, an immortal and intellectually advanced society, live in a secluded paradise known as the Vortex. They are served by the Brutals, who live in a wasteland and are subject to the Eternals' control.

The story follows Zed (played by Sean Connery), a Brutal warrior who discovers a massive floating stone head called Zardoz. Zardoz, controlled by the Eternals, dispenses weapons and commands to the Brutals. Zed infiltrates the Vortex inside the head and becomes entangled in the complex dynamics of the Eternal society.

As Zed navigates the surreal world of the Eternals, he challenges their beliefs and exposes the dark secrets behind their seemingly perfect existence. The film takes unexpected turns as it explores themes of power, knowledge, and the consequences of immortality.


  • Social Inequality: "Zardoz" delves into the theme of social inequality, depicting a stark contrast between the privileged, immortal Eternals and the marginalized, mortal Brutals.
  • Immortality and Its Consequences: The film explores the consequences of immortality, questioning whether eternal life leads to stagnation and the loss of purpose.
  • Philosophical and Surreal Exploration: "Zardoz" incorporates philosophical and surreal elements, challenging viewers with abstract concepts and visual symbolism.

Visual Style:The film is known for its unique and memorable visual style, including the iconic floating stone head of Zardoz, surreal landscapes, and imaginative costume design.


  • Sean Connery: He plays Zed, the protagonist and Brutal warrior.
  • Charlotte Rampling, Sara Kestelman, and John Alderton: They are part of the cast representing the Eternal society.

Critical Reception:"Zardoz" received mixed reviews upon its release. While some praised its ambition and thought-provoking themes, others found the film's narrative and visual style to be unconventional and challenging. Over time, "Zardoz" has gained a cult following for its distinctive approach to science fiction storytelling.

Note: "Zardoz" is often remembered for its unconventional narrative, philosophical themes, and Sean Connery's atypical role in the film.

If you enjoy science fiction films that challenge traditional storytelling and explore abstract themes, "Zardoz" may provide a unique and thought-provoking cinematic experience.