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Right holders

FilmsCLUB.org helps right holders in the free promotion and to earn money from their creations.

If you are an actor, a filmmaker, a studio representative or any other specialist dedicated to the movie business, we make sure you receive your just compensation for your work.

Fans from all over the world have the opportunity to discover and learn about YOUR work. We link You to your Fans. And as we all know, there's nothing more important than your fans. Fans enable you to receive just compensation - be it monetary, be it recognition - for your work.

We have partnered with independent movie producers which were promoted on our home page, generating millions of visits to their creations. We've done this at no cost to the producers. Do you have a new movie coming up? Give us an email: right-holders@FilmsCLUB.org and we will promote it on the home page.

How earn money from their creations? The smart choice for Right Holders.

Your inventory is optimized by the best decision logic engine in the business of the modern cinema industry
Whether you’re seeking general guidance or complex, custom analysis, our best technology is at your disposal. We know how to help you get the most from your creations.
The right ads should fit with your creations, have relevance to your audience, and pay you appropriately. We care about your creations, which is why we won't cheapen its appearance or reputation with poor quality ads. We care about your visitors, too. How they respond to the ads we deliver makes all the difference.

Are you a producer of original video content on the Internet? We have you covered.

FilmsCLUB.org has partnered with the leaders of online movie and online content sales, we also make sure to index and embed your videos from Social contract, making you money from the advertising on the traffic we sent.

We knows about merchandise and memorabilia we individual title pages link to your official websites, connecting your fans to points of sale for your merchandise and directing them to your latest announcements.

FilmsCLUB.org are currently negotiating with many of distribution companies to acquire licenses. If you have licenses and you are interested in exploring a new, alternative revenue stream for your work, please don't hesitate to Contact Us Via Email: right-holders@FilmsCLUB.org . We're looking forward to hearing from you.скачать софт