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FFilms.club - Top 100 Best Movies of 2018

On this page you can watch the 100 best films that our visitors select during the year. The rating of films is built on the basis of your votes, so that you can influence the rating at any time and raise your favorite movie several positions up. All existing films of any genres and from any directors participate in the rating, there is no division into either cartoons or historical films. Thanks to our rating you can view and select only the best films of our time. You must admit that this is much more convenient than over time viewing all published pictures and selecting the most interesting ones. It is much easier to use our site, and the rating of films will easily tell you what the Russian audience chooses. Why do you need to watch boring, poorly shot pictures when you have access to a resource that provides its visitors with only the best films? Once again, anyone can influence the rating of films. If you liked a recently viewed picture, share your opinion with the world, let everyone find out what is the best movie you offer. Check out some of the best films for yourself, and feel free to buy records in stores! You will have an unforgettable time, because we offer you only the best films that have received many awards and excellent reviews. Watch, enjoy the excellent storyline and wonderful sound, be amazed at the video effects and remember: our rating of films can always surprise you with new products and changes in the location of the pictures in places. Choose only the best, why spend your time on low-quality paintings that will make you bored? Only the best paintings are at your service.